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Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Just a Dog...

How many of you have woken up one morning, tears streaming down your cheeks as you said to yourself, "Today is the day. I can no longer watch him/her suffer." Or, perhaps you have dreaded the previous night's sleep, as you knew the next day when you awoke, you would have to say goodbye forever to your faithful best friend?

Has anyone ever uttered the following sentence to you? "It's just a dog."

It's just a dog.

That is true. It is a dog. It is the same dog who had proven his loyalty for all of his days. It is the same dog who made us laugh every waking moment. It is the same dog who was available for us to hug whenever we needed a friend.

He was the one who never turned his back through the hard times. He was the one who was more than happy to greet us, walk with us and listen to us speak to him. Lastly, when he did not understand the reasons that we were upset, he was the one who would simply try to find a way to make us happy again.

It's just a dog.

Yes, but he was also just our best friend. He was also just our little angel. We also just miss him…a lot.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Have you Ever?...

1-Pretended to be grossed out when your dog kisses you on the face, only to find that you secretly don’t mind.

2- Almost caused an accident while you were driving because you noticed an adorable dog walking with or without its owner?

3-Almost caused the driver in your car to have an accident because you pointed out an adorable dog walking with or without its owner and found it imperative that they look, as well?

4- Turned down plans to go out because at that particular moment, you only want to hang out with your dog?

5-Found yourself feeling uncomfortable when you go to a home that does not have dogs?

6-Chased a stray dog at some inconvenient hour, like at 5am when you were only venturing out for a coffee, without even doing your hair, still wearing pajamas that don’t really match?

7-Not liked someone because they did not like dogs?

8-Secretly laughed if your dog jumps all over a non-dog lover?

9- Found out that your dog was a better listener than some people you know?

10-Remembered all of the dogs’ names on your block but had no clue what their owners’ names were?

11-Looked at people weird because they were afraid of your 120 pound “puppy?”

12- Met a complete stranger that was walking both their newborn baby and their puppy, and you gravitated to the puppy, without even glancing at the baby?

13-Met someone whom you’ve never met before who likes dogs and spent time exchanging photos and dog stories?

14-Joined an organization that rescues dogs?

15-Found that your circle of friends are all dog lovers, at least most of them are?

16-Looked at your dog while he/she was doing something most would be considered gross, and actually had the audacity to say they were cute?

17-Spent more time making sure your dogs bedding was comfortable than your own? I.e. giving them a pillow, blanket, toys, fluffy bed, orthopedic beds, etc.?

18-Spent more money at the vet on your dogs’ health, teeth, etc. than on your own?

19-Not been grossed out by your dogs drooled-on-toy getting dropped on your lap?

20-Realized that though just a dog, they are truly your best friends and family members?

If so, congratulations, consider yourself a dog-lover and one of the luckiest people!