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Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Just a Dog...

How many of you have woken up one morning, tears streaming down your cheeks as you said to yourself, "Today is the day. I can no longer watch him/her suffer." Or, perhaps you have dreaded the previous night's sleep, as you knew the next day when you awoke, you would have to say goodbye forever to your faithful best friend?

Has anyone ever uttered the following sentence to you? "It's just a dog."

It's just a dog.

That is true. It is a dog. It is the same dog who had proven his loyalty for all of his days. It is the same dog who made us laugh every waking moment. It is the same dog who was available for us to hug whenever we needed a friend.

He was the one who never turned his back through the hard times. He was the one who was more than happy to greet us, walk with us and listen to us speak to him. Lastly, when he did not understand the reasons that we were upset, he was the one who would simply try to find a way to make us happy again.

It's just a dog.

Yes, but he was also just our best friend. He was also just our little angel. We also just miss him…a lot.

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